St. Alexander High School Is a learning center to the supernatural students who wish to learn how to control their power's. It was founded in the 1600's century.

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There are nine houses surrounding the main building, and is bordered to the Forest and is near to the Ridgewood Village. All the houses represent a type of witch and there magical powers and origins.Demonius Pandemonium founded by Eveleigh Abandonto

  1. Demonius Pandemoiun founded by
  2. Serpentius Labyrinth founded by
  3. Dragonics Purgatory founded by 
  4. Panthera Internecia founded by
  5. Crocodilla Praetori founded by
  6. Aotide Odium founded by
  7. Argentatius Gull founded by
  8. Ceros Err founded by
  9. Domesticus Ament founded by

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