Shinju "Shin" Momoirobara The illegitimate child of Demetria Momoirobara and her bulter Yu Hanasaki and his step father is Girou Momoirobara.

Biography Edit

Childhood Edit

He was born as the affair child between Demetria Momoirobara and her personal bulter Yu Hanasaki, while she was slowly dying of a disease that was common in her family she lived to see Shin be ten years old before dying. Shin was raised mostly by his step-father's mistress Deliah Reginald along side her daughter Rosura, as his older half-brother Daisuke and Haruka treated him as scum.

Appearance Edit

Shin is a very handsome young man in his early teen with naturally grey-brown hair but dyes it a bright blue color and has very intense blue eyes with long eyelashes and are very large and very nice pouty lips that other whore find themselves very jealous at.

Shin has a very punk and rebellious style of clothing and has multiply piercings one in his right eyebrow, another on his lip, and in his right ear are six piercings and in the left are eight.

Demonic Appearance Edit

In his demonic appearance he grows pure white wings and retains his normal appearance with very little changes to it, expect he has a more vicious look in his eyes and is more capitally of showing no mercy for his enemies.

Tattoos Edit

Personality Edit

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Relationships Edit

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Layla Sakurai Edit

With Layla they have two daughter's named Scout-Taylor and Eva-Sherwood

Sayomi Kawashigi Edit

She mothered a daughter named Demetria

Family Edit

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Children Edit

Cleo Gitsune-Chevalier Edit

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