The major relationships between River de Castera and others.

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Michael Morgenstern Edit

main articles: Michael Morgenstern and River and Michael

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Main articles: Margherita Ledo and Rita and River

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main articles: Harvey Katz and River and Harvey

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Solange Malandra Edit

main article: Solange Malandra and Solange and River

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Five Wise Queens Edit

Main articles: Evita Coill, Rose Weaver, Jemima Clearwater, and Genevieve Ulenspegel

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Main articles: Nan Azalea, Queenie Moore, and Dallas Montgomery

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Main articles: Estelle Vivier and Estelle and River

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Main articles: Skarrow

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Main articles: Belisaria Long-Yi

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Main articles: Dallas Montgomery and Dallas and River

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Main articles: Toulouse I'Anson

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Main articles: Isannah Orange

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Giovanni di Adesso Edit

Main articles: Giovanni di Adesso

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Main articles: Caelestis Holloway

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Main articles: Cordelia Boreas

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