" Remember Voltaire, your mother will always love you, so carry on my love and show that same love to your little sister, she'll need you more then ever not that i'm leaving this world. But my sweet son I ask you do not marry her, let her follow her heart to every beat of it my sweet just like I hope you will my love"
- Rhealia last words to her son Voltaire, while she was giving birth to Dainora
Queen Rhealia Theron de Dragomir A deceased character of The Other Kind and was the mother of Ambrosinus, Voltaire, and Dainora. She was the sister/wife to King Jacearys .

Biography Edit

Appearance Edit

Rhealia was very beautiful with

Personality Edit

She was extremely kind to a fault and greatly loved and was over-protective over her children.

Powers Edit

Relationships Edit

Trivia Edit

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