Nuno da Silvia is the son of Sence da Silvia and a man who was born into the Olvidado Mafia, and together they had them and his younger brother Cruz. His mother died giving birth to another sibling who also died soon after as well, leaving him orphaned in Brazil with his baby brother.

He is also childhood friends with River de Castera and he also is full aware of her history, weaknesses and full extend of her powers. Just like she is full aware of his powers and knows his weaknesses.

Nuno and his brother Cruz shared a complicated love triangle with Melesina.

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Nuno was born Nuno de Silvia on June 9, 1992 in São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil, South America to a Mortal women named Sence de Silvia whom he shares a close and loving relationship with and a man apart of the Olvidado Mafia whom would only visit his mother to abuse her and have sex with her.

One day his father beat his mother so hard she had to go into intensive care which at the time she was pregnant with there third child a daughter. His mother then when into early childbirth and had his little sister but both died soon after giving birth. This event cause him to hate Mafias and men who hurt women in anyway sharing this view point with friend River.

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  • Illusion Manipulation: Nuno can create, shape and manipulate illusions, causing targets to see, hear, touch, smell and/or taste things which do not actually exist or cause them to perceive things differently from what they truly are. Some users can create complex and detailed worlds, others may be able to only alter the way they or the target are perceived.
    • Illusive Suggestion: Nuno can manipulate others by feeding the victim intricate illusive images of their worst fears, desires, ect.
    • Illusion Awareness: He is completely aware at all times of the true reality around him, potentially seeing through any optical and/or mental illusions that others attempt to deceive them with.
    • Psychosomatic Illusion: Nuno can create illusions that are so realistic and powerful they can cause physical effects (cuts, bruises, burns, etc) to appear on the target and affect surroundings as they were real.
  • Possession: Nuno can possess or take over the body of any living being, whether sentient or not, by stealing their motor functions and senses.
    • Possession Slash: Nuno can combine various possession/control effects/forces to attacks with bladed weapons.
    • Remote Possession: Nuno can host themselves into another body without need of actual entry within their being with contact nor distance being an issue. He can remain in control of himself be it in spirit or flesh. Nuno may be able to control multiple hosts at once while retaining control over their core body.

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  •  Nuno's trident: Nuno was given a trident by River before she was forced to go to Miss Grissom's Academy, it was later used by himself and his protegee Cora Bloodriver. The trident was used for hand-to-hand combat and to aid them in their illusions. It can tear into others' illusions with its three spikes.

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Etymology Edit

  • Nuno is the Medieval Portuguese and Spanish name, possibly from Latin nonus "ninth" or nunnus "grandfather". Saint Nuno was a 14th-century Portuguese general who defeated a Castilian invasion.
  • da Silvia is a topographic name for someone who lived by a wood, from Latin silva meaning "wood".

Trivia Edit

  • According to the databook(s):
    • Nuno hobbies are writting poems.
    • Nuno favorite foods are chocolate and other sweet foods; while his least favorite food is spicy food.
    • Nuno favorite pastimes are casting illusions and sparing with River.
    • His favorite animals are birds.
    • His favorite flowers are  
    • Nuno can sleep up to
    • His average bath time is   
    • His favorite artist is   
  • He is associated with the roman numeral XVI which is associated with the tarot card The Tower.
  • Nuno is polysexual.
  • He speaks English and Portuguese.
  • Nuno started smoking at age 10 alongside River.
  • He is a psychopath and states he only cares truly about two people in his life River and his brother Cruz, he later includes Melesina.
  • He doesn't wear underwear.
  • His favorite colors are black and purple.
  • The only person he considers closest to him in power is River de Castera.
  • His nickname King of Orphans and Illusions comes from a poem "Rei dos Órfãos e Ilusões, É assim que você usa seus poderes? Condenar os inocentes, Quando você deveria ferir aqueles que te desafiam, Encontre sua verdadeira voz, Meu irmão de armas" written by Ofélia de Castera.