Melania "Baby" Daffodil James Baby is anti-hero and one of the character's of the series.


Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Melania is the second daughter of Adrianna Chevalier and the first daughter of Grim James, and the younger half-sister of Dallas, and Daniel

Appearance Edit

Baby is short and curvy with ruby red hair with the her tips bleached blonde. But also has striking blue-grey eyes and wears a lot of eye make-up.

Baby is considered very attractive and knows it. And uses her body as a way of manipulating people with her good girl act.

Tattoos Edit

  1. On her upper right arm is has skulls and roses and vines covered in thorns. The tattoo is entirely done in black and grey

Personality Edit

Powers Edit

Relationships Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Baby is a bit of a homewrecker

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