Kuzunoha Gitsune The Matriarch of the Gitsune Clan along with her husband the snake god Shirohebi, and was the foster mother to Antonia Theron de Dragomir and her sister Jessamine. She is consisdered one of the most powerful yokai in the world and is greatly fear and respected because of this, and called the Queen of Yokai


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Kuzunoha is a beautiful curvious women with long following peach hair with red highlight's that reaches to her ankle's, her eyes are pure gold with fox-like slit's and has fox-like ears and claws. She also has all nine of her tails and there all carry weapons within them and she is quite fordable with them all.

Kuzunoha has two forms thought one is were she is somewhat human the other is were she is a giantic fox with golden fur with red highlight's

Her outfit consist's of a traditional kimono that is long and leaves a trailing of fabric and when she was released from the sword her kimono was patterned in chrysanthemum flower's and koi fishes.

Personality Edit

Kuzunoha is shown to be very humble and polite, as well as a loving mother and a dedicated leader. However, she has a teasing, slightly flirtatious side, towards those she that have shown her respect and her precious family that she deeply cares about.

Kuzunoha is for the most part is narcissistic, mocking her opponents at every chance possible, while being playful even in the midst of battle. She also believes herself a rightful queen of Yokai and has a complete dislike of humans, believing them inferior and impure (she may not have always disliked humans as she married one and had a son who is half-yokai), after they murdered her parent's and siblings.

She does not use any of the honorifics while talking, something that can be considered rude in Japan, however given her status as leader of the Kyoto Yokai this is understandable, and despite of this seemingly lack of respect she does in fact care very much for her henchmen, treating them as her "children" to the point of having a sister-like relationship with Kyokotsu and in turn they are fiercely loyal to her.

Her perhaps most notorious trait is that she's a highly devoted mother, nothing for her is more important than her beloved children Sakurahime and Watanuki-and there children and there children's children. This desire to make sure her family is safe and protected when her foster daughter Jessamine was mercilessly slaughtered, she slaughtered those responsibly and was imprisoned in the sword.

Her second most notorious trait is that she along with most of her remaining servants who follows her, was once share a deep grudge against the Theron de Dragomir Family and mostly anybody related to Ambrosinus such as his sons and daughters whom she wants to kill to end the bloodline. To the point that even though Ambrosinus never wanted to defeat her during the attack on her palace in Kyoto and just see her, she did everything she could to kill him.

She also does learn from her mistakes and battles, having learning how to fight the likes of Jace and his brother's and his illusionary techniques by having faced Ambrosinus beforehand.

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