Mckenzie "Kenzie" Anastastia Romanov Kenzie is the illegimate daughter of King Petre Romanov and his mistress Anastastia Delacroix

Biography Edit

Appearance Edit

Kenzie is a very attractive women in her early 20's and is described as very beautiful. She dyes her hair black and adds highlight's of vibrant color's which is usually done by Daisy. Her natural hair color is strawberry blonde and wears many wigs.

Kenzie has bright blue-gray eyes with long eyelashes and wear a lot of black eyeliner with fake eyelashes tat makes her eyes even more intensely blue.

Tattoos Edit

  1. In between her breasts she has her crow tattoo actually done by a professional mirroring Hachiko's on her lower back. "Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction" by Antoine de Saint-Exupery and is in the banner and has splashes of lavender, red, and light blue.
  2. On her upper arm has a portrait of a Geisha on her upper right arm as part of her full sleeve tattoo and a colorful hibiscus flower on her wrist, and red yellow and black palette flower's also on the her forearm.

Personality Edit

Kenzie is very quick-witted and playfully sarcastic. And acts as the source of comedy for tense situations of which she and Cleo get themselves in all the time. She also has really good luck and as many describer's her as a survivor.

She also has shown a lot of courage and is always ready to put herself in harm's way when necessary. She can be reluctant to trust those she encounters, which is quite often a virtue, due to the fact that Daisy is, at times, too trusting.

She is a master of disguise, wearing various wigs and using accents which enable her to infiltrate places during investigative work. Her everyday appearance is predominantly "Goth" with a dash of playful femininity.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Relationships Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Kenzie is a talent Sangria maker and later opens a brewery where they make Sangria's, red wine, white wine, beer, cider, and absinthe

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