Helena "Fox" Sasako Himawari Carter-Shirayuki nee McQueen Also a kitsune and one of The Other Kind, and the wife of Adrian McQueen

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

She is the mother of Yua-Itori Shirayuki and Tsubasa Shirayuki

Appearance Edit

In her normal human form she has pale skin with dark wine colored eyes with sharp but squinted eyes and dark red hair with black highlights, and is known for her curvious body with a large ass and smooth breasts that when you hold on they overflow in your hands.

She appears in her early teens as Kitsunes age slower then humans. She also has long we'll manicured nails that are painted many different colors and/or designes

When in a normal public setting she wears her normal Japanese kimono that is long in the firing and cuts up shorter going up along her legs with a short white underdress. She has two main ones; we're one is dark blue with river decoration and Lou fish goi

ng up to a bridge where they become dragons and depicts a large red one among her shoulder blades. The other one is pure black with depictions of spider trapping butterflys in there webbs with multi colored roses and thorns.

As an adult she wears more traditional kimono's and business attire. And wears her hair up with several decorations of flowers and chop sticks and butterfly clicks. She also wears a pendent given to her by Cleo which is a jade stone set in a golden set with a gold chain.

Demonic Appearance Edit

When she enters her demonic appearance her hair turns pure white and her eyes turn bright red with anger and resentment. She also shows her Fox pointed ears, long nails, and her skin turns to a strong tan color. But is also wears cabuki style red makeup along her eyes and mouth, but then her he marks making swirls and henna marking on her face, chest, arms, and hands.

And is wearing an elaborate yukata with a large bow in the back that is covered in lace and jeweraly. The kimono is covered in red spider lilys and red chrysanthemums and it's base color is pure black.

Tattoos Edit

Personality Edit

Fox is very cold, and manipulating towards those she doesn't know or for those who have crossed her and those she loves, like the situation between Alexander and Annabelle. She is a very foramble fighter with a very terrifying aura and demonic energy but in battle she also possess a strong sadistic needs to torment and cause pain for fouls who think they could win against her.

But to those who are on her good side she kind and loving with a big heart and acts as a big sister figure to those she cares about that are younger then her and need protection. And she posses unbreakable loyalty towards her friends and to particular Annabelle her children, and her own children. 

As a mother she is deeply loving and overprotective and wants only the best for then and will kill anyone who dares harm anyone of them. Her pride being a fighter is being able to protect her friends and family and seeing a smile on there faces.

Powers Edit

Fox is a half blooded kitsune, her mother was a full-blooded kitsune and a human male.

  • Canine Physiology
    • Enhanced Athelism
      • Supernatural Speed
      • Supernatural Strength
      • Enhanced Stamina
      • Enhanced Flexibility
    • Enhanced Bite
    • Matter Ingustion
    • Temperature Regulation
    • Enhanced Smell
      • Enhance Hearing
      • Enhanced Smell
      • Predator Instincts
    • Claw Retraction
    • Semi-Immortality
      • Declerated Aging
  • Enhanced Condition
    • Supernatural Baeuty
    • Enhanced Intelligence
      • Enhanced Wisadom
  • Dream Manipulation
    • Dream Invasion
    • Sleep Manipulation
      • Sleep Inducement
  • Fox-Fire Manipulation
    • Incineration
      • Melting
        • Burning
    • Fire-Fox Combat
      • Fire-Fox Attacks
  • Illusion Manipulation
  • Insanity Inducement
    • Curse Inducement
  • Life-Force Manipulation
    • Life-Force Absorption
  • Shape-Shifting
    • Gender Transformation
    • Human Disguise 
    • Size Manipulation
  • Invisibility
    • Intangibilty
  • Trickster
  • Possession
  • Tail Manifestation (7 tails)
  • Wing Manifestation
    • Flight

Equipment Edit

  • Sword: Fox herself is a very formidable swordsman as she is a descent of Fox Warrior's and hides this weapon in between her first and second tails
  • SaiFor close hand to hand combat she also is in possession of samurai sai, and are usually her main weapon; and also hides between her tails
  • Fan: She is also in possession of a gigantic mystical fan that acts as a fan but also as an manipulator of the wind and can blow enemies very far away.

Relationships Edit

Love Interest Edit

Adrian McQueen Edit

Family Edit

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Children Edit

Friends Edit

Cleodora and Cleopatra Edit

Noah Nakamura Edit

Shin Momoirobara Edit

Kenzie Romanov Edit

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