Cleo is also a doctor with a medical degree in Pediatric, Neonatal, and Trauma surgery and has a MD. and F.A.C.S title. She studied in Japan at the University of Tokyo where she graduated with honors and also at Tokyo Medical University where she was top of her class, yet again. She also did her internship at St. Luke's International Hospital, and got a job in Setagaya, Tokyo.

Cleo also has degree's and doctorate's in criminology and psychology, which she got when she was on her five tours in the Japan Martime Self-Defense Force which helped her expand her fighting skills and earned the rank of Lieutenant Commander. And became a trained Sniper with 160 official kills and is heavily trained in knife throwing.

She also has several side business that she does as a way of still being happy with other things; those things are art galleries, a fashion label, acting and writing for television and movies, a organic lubrication company, and the writing of several novels.

Fashion Label; Cleo's Smile Edit

Art Edit

Filmography Edit

Movies Edit

  • Pandemonium portrayed 
  • Foxfire portrayed
  • Bridges To Babylon portrayed
  • James and The Giant Peach portrayed (voice) Miss Layla Spider
  • Juno Wrote/Creator/Producer 

TV Edit

  • My Horror Story: (Actor/Producer/Writer/Graphic Desginer)
    • Portrayed Daisy Beauchamp in Season 2
    • Portrayed 
    • Portrayed
  • United States Of Tara (Producer/Writer/Director)

Sexy Ladies Edit

Sexy Ladies is a company that it's target market is directed towards the organic side of lubricant's as Cleo aka Hachiko made organic lube made from sweet potato's. Were her co-owner Cleo aka Red makes dido's for women with arthritics and other disease that doesn't allow them to to be able to get off as easy.

Locations Edit

Lucky Ladies Edit

Is a side business that is own by Hachiko and Red, which is a lingerie line directed towards the Gothic community and towards women who are a bigger side and can't find the size so they make lingerie for the bigger size women.

Books Edit

As Sen Yamagata Edit

As Edit

Trivia Edit

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