Princess Isadora-Chrysanthemum "Chrysta" Hermonie Vasilisa Theron de Dragomir One of the character's of The Other Kind and the faternal twin sister of James and Nathaniel.

Biography Edit

Birth Edit


Chrysta as a kid dressed up as a fiary princess

Her fellow twins were conceived during the sedution of Cleo and Jace to escape with her older siblings and get away from the Demon World.

At birth, Issa's along with her brother's were born exactly two months early due to her mother saving her brother Hunter from being hit by a semi-truck. They were born the size of there mother hand.

Childhood Edit

Appearance Edit

Chrysta looks exactly like her mother Cleo having bright red hair in thick, long curls that reaches to her but and has her father's sky blue eyes that absorb the light and almost glow in the darkness.

Chrysta as she grows up began's to look more and more like her mother having her mother curvy body with large breast and a big but. But also has two beauty marks in the center of her cheeks and has a scar as her coginatal heart defect was so bad at birth that she when throw nine of heart surgery's before she could talk or walk.

Tattoos Edit

  1. With her mother with her, at sixteen she got her first tattoo on her upper right arm. She has sleeping beauty surrounded by roses and vines with thorns. And a quote that says "Thorns and stings are those such things," symbolizing her time in the hospital fighting for her life.

Personality Edit


She is driven, compassionate, loving, caring, and a fair person but naturally curious but also posses a shy nature. Isadora loves architecture and spend's her free time designing new building's and visiting national monuments.

Her fatal flaw is pride, as she thinks she can do anything and do it better then anyone else. She's also very caring, but is also possessive of the people she loves. When you first meet Isadora she is very cold, harsh, judgmental, but after winning her approval she is very loyal.
She's very strong minded, and equally stubborn which her mother states she got that from her pigheaded father, but is incredibly brave and daring she shows many sign's of dauntlessness, courage, and determination.

Isadora is intelligent genius as well as clever, witty, and has a lot of nerve. She's also analytical, strategic, and very wise. She also has arachnophobia very badly freezing up seeing one spider or anything resembling one. Issa inherited her mother's large abundance of love in her heart that she locks up tight for only her family to see.

Health Issues Edit

Isadora like her twin brother's inherited his mother heart condition Hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS) is a birth defect that affects normal blood flow through the heart. As the baby develops during pregnancy, the left side of the heart does not form correctly. Hypoplastic left heart syndrome is one type of congenital heart defect.

And due to the heart defect she also has Asthma in which she carries his inhaler around with him all the time, which she shares with her twin brother Jamie, but doesn't have any other effect condition's like her brother Chris.

But unlike her siblings, she got a disease from her grandfather family Chrysta at age six was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer which has know spread to her lungs and she now has to have a oxygen tank and a nasal cannula which she named Philip and is alive due to an experiment drug called Theoigyes

Powers Edit

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Parents Edit

Chrysta shares a close relationship with her mother and greatly looks up to her mother as her superhero and loves her very much. To the point were she hard other to the extreme if they talk badly about her.

Chrysta shared a lot of doubt when Jace came back into her life and didn't want to get to close to him as what she went throw with Noah as she was very sad and didn't want to get hurt again. But he tried the hardest to get close to her because all father love there daughter's.

Siblings Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She is always seen wearing her favorite pair of red boots which were a gift from her Aunt Red
  • She plays the harp and the piano which were taught to her by her mother

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