Princess Celandine "Cel" Jessamine Calypso Akasha Theron de Dragomir The eldest daughter of Ambrosinus and Akasha.and the second princess of their family behind Dainora

She hatched and is bonded to the dragon known as Tybalt, and is the owner of

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Appearance Edit

Cel has short silver hair with golden ends, and possesses unique eyes as well for her family her' s being the color of melting, bubbly gold with thin but dark and very knowledgeable eyelashes. But also like her mother family she has a creamy-caramel coloring to it, and bares an unexplained resemblance towards her mother to the point were her uncle's call by her mother's name.

Demonic Appearance Edit

Tattoos Edit

  1. On her left collarbone she has an old-school swallow tattoo with a banner that says "R.I.P Ll" for her sister Lourdes who died at age eight protecting there younger siblings when there where being banished.

Personality Edit

She is caring, loving, and a big-sister type to everyone throw she has no problem with pointing out the faults of others and ignoring her own, but truly doesn't mean any harm. But she deeply cares for her friends, comrades, and family as they are her pride and her reason to breath everyday. Proserpina has a hard time trusting others exclusively towards those she sees as outsider and doesn't take kindly to someone new. Proserpina possess a strong will, a headstrong leader, and a fantastic fighter but has a strong mortal compass. She also spoils on her children and nieces and nephews as they are the newest additions to there now large family.

To others Pins seems very cold and uncaring towards people and a very rule following individual. She has a fear of not being in armor but got over it to save her friends and family. She also has a short fuse temper that could go off at anytime for anything. 

And has a secret love for smut and erotica novels and loves dressing up and being flashy

Powers Edit

Pureblood Powers Edit

  • Bat Manipulation - Control bats.
  • Bat Swarming - Can turn into a swarm of bats.
  • Dark Arts - Like all other Dark Lords, the user is skilled in dark magic
  • Dark Lord - The user is among the most powerful lords of darkness
  • Daytime Walking - Vampire Lords are able to withstand daylight for certain amounts of time
  • Death Transcendency - Gain all the powers of death
    • Death-Force Manipulation - Control the death-force
    • Necromancy - Manipulate deadly mystical energies
    • Undead Manipulation - Command the undead
    • Underworld Lordship - Hold all power in the underworld
  • Demonic Force Manipulation - Might gain control over demonic forces
    • Immense Demonic Aura
  • Immortality - Live forever
  • Infinite Resurrection - Even if the user dies, he/she can still return to life
  • Invulnerability - Be impervious to many forms of damage 
  • Vampire Physiology - Obviously, the user is the most powerful of vampires

Shinso Powers Edit

  • Absolute Restoration
    • Meta Regeneration; when used on themselves.
  • Essence Manipulation
  • Form Manipulation
  • Infinite Supply
  • Invulnerability
  • Power Immunity
  • Psionic Manipulation
  • Soul Materialization
  • Supernatural Condition
    • Blood Transfusion
    • Blood Consumption
    • Blood Empowerment
    • Blood Resistance
  • Creation; Shinso possess an ability called "Creation." By mixing energy into their own blood and controlling it at will, they can transform it into solid matter and mold it into anything they desire. In Jace's case he is able to generate a jet-black, steel suit of armor that covers his entire upper body and the sides of his face along with plated armor and shoulder pauldrons. He can also use this ability to make something explode just by hitting it hard enough.

Wealth of Power Edit

Relationships Edit


Cel with her sister's Trini and Cosette

Love Interest Edit

Callum Night Edit

Family Edit

Parents Edit

Siblings Edit

Children Edit

Cel is the mother to Akasha, Isidora, Luxwell, twins Leona and Lolana, ans Gabrielle

Friends Edit

Trivia Edit

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