Benibara Okumura She is a deceased character of The Other Kind, and the mother of Chizuru Rodriguez, and the grandmother of Cleo, and Fujiko

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Appearance Edit

Benibara looked like a traditional Japanese women with long black hair in a tight bun in the back of her head, and small brown eyes with thin eyelashes and short eyebrows. And was usually seen wearing flower designed kimono's or yukata's, and always was seen wearing red nail polish

Personality Edit

Powers Edit

Hone-onna (bone woman), a female yokai who, depending on the version, either kills men by extracting their lifeforce or by grabbing their hands and holding them until the victim becomes a skeleton himself, or manifests herself as a skeletal woman.

They can appear as human and usually appear as beautiful, but very skinny lady carrying a red lantern in shape of a peony flower and visit men in attempt to sleep with them. Also due to her grandfather being the son of Xibalba she possess the power over Day of the Dead

  • Human Disguise
  • Life-Force Manipulation
    • Life-Force Absorption
  • Skeleton Physiology
    • Decelerated Aging (bones may be subject to normal wearing effects)
    • Defunct Physiology
      • Contaminant Immunity
      • Dermal Armor
      • Disease Immunity
      • Invulnerability
        • Enhanced Durability
      • Enhanced Endurance
      • Oxygen Independence
      • Pain Suppression
      • Pressure Resistance
      • Self-Sustenance
        • Thermal Resistance
      • Enhanced Agility
      • Enhanced Dexterity
      • Enhanced Speed
      • Environmental Adaptation
    • Anatomical Liberation
      • Head Liberation
      • Head Reattachment
      • Limb Reattachment

Relationships Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She wore red nail polish and loved traditional green tea

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