Princess Bearix-Rose "Bebe" Lucretia Briseis Theron de Dragomir Is the youngest daughter between Cleo Chevalier and Jace Theron de Dragomir

She is the rider and hatch mother of Aithusa, who is the child to Abraxos her mother's dragon.

Biography Edit

Appearance Edit

Beatrix looks greatly like her great aunts and, bares an unconditional likeliest to her mother as many have stated that she looks exactly what Cleo looked as a child. Having the Theron de Dragomir families ringlet black hair with bronze highlights and her father's lavender eyes with long eyelashes and has a almond shaped to them. She like her mother has a long black tail with a heart shaped end and pointed ears. Beatrix gained the habits of grabbing her ear when in trouble and biting her finger nails when nervous.

Personality Edit

Powers Edit

Relationships Edit

Trivia Edit

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