Princess Antonia "Tony" Andrea Mariabella Jacqueline Theron de Dragomir One of the princess of the Theron de Dragomir Family and the enforcer of there criminal actives.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Appearance Edit

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Personality Edit

Powers Edit

Pureblood Powers Edit Edit

  • Bat Manipulation - Control bats.
  • Bat Swarming - Can turn into a swarm of bats.
  • Dark Arts - Like all other Dark Lords, the user is skilled in dark magic
  • Dark Lord - The user is among the most powerful lords of darkness
  • Daytime Walking - Vampire Lords are able to withstand daylight for certain amounts of time
  • Death Transcendency - Gain all the powers of death
    • Death-Force Manipulation - Control the death-force
    • Necromancy - Manipulate deadly mystical energies
    • Undead Manipulation - Command the undead
    • Underworld Lordship - Hold all power in the underworld
  • Demonic Force Manipulation - Might gain control over demonic forces
    • Immense Demonic Aura
  • Immortality - Live forever
  • Infinite Resurrection - Even if the user dies, he/she can still return to life
  • Invulnerability - Be impervious to many forms of damage 
  • Vampire Physiology - Obviously, the user is the most powerful of vampires

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

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Trivia Edit

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