Lady Akasha Lourdes Números Martell The Royal Wife of her husband Ambrosinus Theron de Dragomir harem and mother to Celandine, Lourdes, the triplets Romeo, Jace, and Kaiser, and Primrose.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit


As a child

Akasha was born as the second princess of Hispania a month premature to her mother to Ruler of Hispania Princess Lourdes Martell and an unknown father. Her older brother by nine years named Dorian and two younger sibling Oberlin and Mélisandé. Her mother was a Shinso vampire descent from the long line of either vampire baptized in darkness, To save her, her brother and her younger sister she gave them each her Shinso power despite it being considered taboo as only the first born was allow her blood. Her mother Lourdes didn't want to watch any more of her children died.

Akasha grew up very close to her younger siblings especially her brother Oberlin and they were the best of friends.

Appearance Edit


Akasha on her wedding day

Akasha was said to be beautiful, slender who walked with graceful steps and had deep dark almond colored eyes with long black hair that was wore in lose curls in private and when she was younger.

With marriage and her becoming a mother she tie her long black hair tied by a black bow, with orange highlight's. She wears a large Victorian-styled gown that is black, along with heeled platforms.

Under her dress is a battle uniform which consists of a revealing corset, black shorts and garters.

Personality Edit

Akasha is shown to be kind and gentle towards other people and cares greatly for them; even her husband's other lovers, which is similar to how her daughter's would react.

Unlike her daughter's she is shown to have confidence in her abilities. She is enraged when her family is threatened and will stop at nothing to ensure they are protected; which is similar to how her son's would react. Akasha is shown to love her daughter greatly, even her step daughters and her step sons and her sons.

Her brother's and sister have always said that Akasha's tenderhearted nature could also be a drawback as Akasha's tenderhearted nature inhibited her battle prowess.

Powers Edit

Shinso Vampire Edit

Equipment Edit

  • Armor; During flashbacks of Akasha she is seen wearing medieval armor designed specifically for her when still fighting
  • Long Sword; She was also seen wielding a medieval thin long sword as well when fighting

Relationships Edit

Motherly Love Edit

Trivia Edit

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